Other projects & current learning

I am an intellectually omnivorous historian, and I delight in learning (and teaching) new methodologies.

In addition to my dissertation and first book project, some of my other key research interests and past projects include:

  • Asian American history and Asian American agricultural history, particularly Japanese diasporic and transpacific networks in early twentieth-century Californian floriculture

  • Women's history, wine history, and the politics of the reproductive health in the late twentieth-century U.S.

  • American state-sponsored bioprospecting in early twentieth-century China

  • Oral history and community-based history

Currently learning: applying the tools sentiment analysis as a digital humanities method to track the changing emotional valences of American foreign policymakers regarding key terms connecting American power and climate impacts (e.g., "coal", "petroleum") in the decade around 1945 across large corpuses of primary source documents

Delicious poricinis found while mushroom foraging with my husband in northern California, December 2019. Historical research reminds me of foraging and vice versa: informed searching punctuated by the thrill of uncovering something spectacular and improving pattern recognition over time in the layered, complex beauty of a forest or an archive. Foragers call refining this sort of pattern recognition mushroom eyes.