Curriculum Vitae

Cirrculum vitae - updated May 2024

I live in La Grande, Oregon with my husband and two canine writing companions, Athena and Frankie. 

I am an assistant professor of history at Eastern Oregon University.

I received my PhD (2023) and MA (2018) in History from Stanford, with distinction on my qualifying exams. My dissertation is entitled Climate Crucible: American Choices in Germany, Japan, and the Making of the Great Acceleration, 1939-1953. I am working on my first book as well as other writing and research projects.

I hold a BA in Social Studies from Harvard (2009) where I focused on social theory, community-based history, and political philosophies of non-violence in religious social movements in the modern United States.

My pronouns are he/him/his (they works too). My last name is pronounced NOW-ert, like the time is now.